Discover Live Art: Private Experience in Ateliers and Galleries with a Local Touch

Immerse yourself in Creation: Private Visits to Ateliers and Galleries with a Local Touch in Valencia

Welcome to a unique experience that will allow you to delve into the world of Valencian art and craftsmanship like never before. We invite you to discover the secrets behind the creation of unique and exclusive pieces, while you become an active part of the creative process.

Your Passport to Inspiration

In the heart of Valencia, ateliers and galleries that house the talent of local artists and artisans await you. Our expert guides will take you by the hand, introducing you to the masters behind the most exquisite creations. Witness the birth of authentic works of art and craftsmanship as you soak in the inspiration that flows from every corner.

Create Your Own Jewel: Custom Design Experience

Imagine the thrill of creating your own jewelry under the tutelage of a master jeweler. In this unique experience, you’ll select materials and work hand-in-hand with an artisan to bring your vision to life. From design to making, you will be an integral part of every step, creating a piece that will carry your essence and creativity.

Discover the most unique Valencian artists: artisans, painters, jewelers and haute couture designers from the City. See the process from designing a piece until its creation.  Be an active part of the process.  Is there anything better than participating in the creation of your own jewelry or cocktail dress?


Meeting with the Masters of Haute Couture

But the magic doesn’t stop at the jewelry workshops. You’ll also have the opportunity to delve into the world of haute couture, where local designers bring to life creations of unparalleled elegance. You will witness their creative process, hear the stories behind each garment and understand the passion that drives their work.

An Experience in Motion: Contemporary Art Galleries

In addition to the workshops, we will take you to the most exclusive contemporary art galleries in Valencia. You will discover works that challenge boundaries and expand artistic horizons. Your local guide will provide you with valuable information about each piece, immersing you in the meaning and technique behind each creation.

Book your Unique Experience

If you long for an authentic and participatory experience in the world of Valencian art and crafts, we invite you to book your Private Experience in Ateliers and Galleries. Discover the thrill of being part of the creation and inspiration that flows in every corner of Valencia.


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