The Cappa

As a woman born in Valencia, I love my city. Actually, I have travelled to all continents promoting my city in the luxury & MICE tourism industry for nineteen years, showing how exclusive and unique Valencia is. In these years I have developed a network of local collaborators that I want to share with you. I founded Valencia Luxury Concierge (VLC) to offer bespoke travel services with a stylish touch.


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Valencia Luxury Concierge was born to meet the needs of all of us who understand traveling as an exclusive adventure. Those of us who reject the “holiday package” concept of the travel agency. Those of us who want tailor-made trips built by people who know how to make from travelling, a dream come true. That is why from VLC will show you Valencia from a unique point of view. I want my guests to feel an exclusive experience while their visits. 
The advice to build the trip can only come from someone who is actually from the destination offering the best suggestions with a “stylist touch” in order to make your experience memorable. 


Founding VLC it was clear to me, you will always deal directly with me to organize your trip, no intermediaries or commercials.

My trusted people are in the city, to ensure that, once the trip begins, you enjoy an exclusive experience. 

My deep commitment and honesty, my dedication and my affection, are some of the added values ​​that make my difference and will make you feel accompanied at all times!

You only have to worry about enjoying yourself!

-Valencia Luxury Concierge, the first Luxury Travel Designer in Valencia-


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