Dive into the Essence of Flamenco: Unique Experience in Andalusian Culture

Journey into the Culture of Flamenco: Discover the Passion in Valencia

Welcome to a magical journey through the culture of flamenco, an experience designed to take you to the heart of one of Spain’s most vibrant and passionate traditions. In Valencia, exciting encounters with flamenco in its most authentic form await you.

The Living History of Flamenco

Flamenco is much more than dance and song. It is a profound expression of Spanish history and emotion. Our expert local guides will take you on a journey through time, exploring its origins and evolution over the years. Discover how flamenco became an essential part of Spain’s cultural identity and how it has influenced art and music worldwide. And end the day with a fabulous flamenco show.  By the end perhaps you too will be dancing Flamenco!

In the Heart of the Passion: Flamenco Schools in Valencia

In Valencia, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in flamenco culture through visits to the most famous and prestigious schools. Meet the masters and apprentices who dedicate their lives to perfecting their skills in the art of flamenco. You will witness intense, passion-filled practice sessions and interact with the artists to understand the dedication and discipline required for this form of artistic expression.

Through this experience you will discover the history of Flamenco, a cultural dance recognized by UNESCO. This experience begins with a visit to a traditional guitar artisan who still builds guitars by hand.  From there, a visit to one of the most famous schools of Flamenco.


The Secrets of Artisan Guitars

A highlight of this experience is a visit to traditional guitar artisans. Here, you will learn about the art and skill behind the creation of handmade guitars, instruments that have accompanied flamenco for generations. See how these sonorous works of art are carved and assembled, and understand how each guitar carries with it a part of the history and passion of flamenco.

The Final Magic: Live Flamenco Performance

The experience culminates with a live flamenco show that will take your breath away. Enjoy passionate dance and hypnotic rhythms that merge to tell stories of love, loss and joy. Every movement, every heel tap, every guitar chord will transport you to a world where flamenco comes alive in a way you can only experience in person.


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